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“If only these walls could talk.” Well, they can and Hogtown House Histories speaks their language.


We’re experts at interpreting archival records to coax out stories of the land ownership dating back to colonial times, the rise of the surrounding neighbourhood, the original construction of the house and the personal lives lived within its walls. Just as importantly, we adeptly weave these insights into an engaging narrative, enhance them with vintage images and publish them in a choice of prestige formats. The end product is a one-of-a-kind keepsake to enjoy on your own or proudly share with visitors to your historical home.

Ask for a complimentary consultation to learn more about commissioning a profile of your own urban, rural or commercial property anywhere in Ontario. 


For those who prefer the DIY route, we can also provide consulting services to get you past the roadblocks.


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Peter Marshall is a long time Torontonian and lifelong history enthusiast. His first foray into historical research was The Black Tie Guide, an encyclopedic website dedicated to the history and etiquette of men's formal wear. Created over a period of six years, it involved visits to libraries across North America to access vintage book and magazine collections and ultimately became the foremost authority on the subject drawing over 100,000 monthly viewers before being sold in 2014.


His current passion is an extensive history of Jarvis Street profiling each of the more than 300 structures that once existed along its span. During the many years of research on this latest venture he has developed an extensive knowledge of the resources available for historical property and genealogy records as well as the expertise needed to effectively interpret them to provide the complete story of a home's past. 

Peter is a member of the Ontario Genealogical Society, the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario and the York Pioneer and Historical Society.


Jake Tobin Garrett (he/him) is a writer, illustrator and cartoonist based in Toronto.

Working primarily in ink with splashes of colour, he aims to capture a sense of place and whimsy, expressing the familiar in unexpected ways. Since 2015, Jake has drawn hundreds of custom illustrations for people and sells artwork through his online store. He’s also worked with clients such as Chatelaine, Maisonneuve, Book City, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Jake's hand drawn house illustrations are featured on the cover of our premier publication and can be requested for any of our other products. 


I live in an old house in a pretty infamous downtown neighborhood and I always figured that there was a history to this place. I had searched the Toronto Archives online but never came up with much of anything.  So when I got my Chronicle from Hogtown House Histories it was a fantastic surprise to see what information did exist. I now know who lived in my house (and are probably who's haunting it to this day) and also the history of the area and how it evolved over the years. I’ve always been a history buff and this is now my own personal bit of that history. Thanks to Hogtown for unlocking the secrets that this old Victorian home was hiding. 

Tim Ford, Toronto

Peter did a history of our property in Dufferin County, which we love! Way more than just a title search, he also searched old newspapers and other documents that fleshed out how our property was connected to the ones around it over time, as well as the stories of some of the people who lived here. As newcomers to the area, it really gives us a great sense of context and an appreciation for how we fit into the story! Thanks, Peter!

 Mark Pratt and David Preston, Melancthon

Hogtown House Histories compiled a fascinating and thorough history of our century-old home laid out in a beautiful format that was easy to digest. Learning about the earliest development of the neighbourhood, original owners and purchase price was of particular interest. What a cool and original way to discover your home's origins!

Scott Bainbridge & Andra Abolins, Toronto

Dorothy and Alice Dallimore with cousins in Toronto 1914
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