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“If only these walls could talk.” Well, they can. You just need an expert that speaks their language.


At Hogtown House Histories we delve into government archives and extensive commercial databases to uncover the hidden facts about your house, its former owners and occupants and the surrounding neighbourhood. Even relatively modern houses can have their property ownership traced back to the colonial era, often times revealing the lost history of a predecessor home.


Just as importantly, we’ll expertly interpret the research results to craft a compelling and unique story in which you’re the star of the latest chapter. The end product is a bespoke keepsake you can enjoy on your own and proudly share with friends. It can also be published online or submitted to your local archives as a permanent record of your property's place in your neighbourhood's history. 

Ask for a complimentary consultation to learn more about commissioning a profile of your own urban, rural or commercial property anywhere in Ontario.

Our Products

Our personalized house histories are offered in three different formats to suit a range of interests and budgets.

The Highlights

Folder storage room details in metal shelves wooden brown cases with police evidence.jpg

The research report features historical highlights of your house, its previous owners and occupants and a complete land ownership record. Information is drawn from original investigation into land registry records, tax assessment rolls, federal censuses, newspaper archives and vintage property maps. The resulting report consists of a one-page synopsis plus extensive background materials you can use to discover further insights. 

The Illustrated Highlights

scrapbook AR page_edited_edited.jpg

The scrapbook option contains all the information from the research report and more, presented in an attractive 11" x 17" softcover printed format you can proudly share with visitors. It includes architectural plans, vintage photographs and building permits (if available) as well as guides to interpreting the historical documents featured in the publication.

The Complete History

Open Book

This premium offering consists of even more extensive online and in-person research woven into a compelling in-depth narrative about the residence,  its residents and the surrounding neighbourhood. The book is amply illustrated with supporting visuals and presented in an elegant hardcover format that features an original cover illustration of your home. 

Get in Touch

We'll be adding product samples and pricing to the site closer to our launch but if you're eager to find out more before then, or to secure your place in line once we start accepting commissions, then we'd love to hear from you!

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