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House History Product Collection

Our personalized house histories are offered in four different formats to fit a range of interests and budgets.


House History Origins Booklet

This introductory booklet highlights notable moments from the earliest development of your neighbourhood up to the construction of your home. It also includes original owner and occupant profiles and a description of the house's architectural style.


Presented in an stylish 8" x 8" softcover format containing approximately fourteen pages of illustrated content. 


A perfect one-of-a-kind housewarming gift for a new owner of an old home!

Available for Toronto properties only.

sample booklet pages 2-3
sample booklet pages
sample booklet pages
sample booklet pages
sample booklet pages


House History Scrapbook

A synopsis of your home's early history, brief profiles of the original owner and occupants and a complete summary of property ownership are supplemented by attractively formatted reproductions of historical documents, maps and photographs. Helpful guides to interpreting these resources allow you to further explore your home's past at your leisure.


Printed in an oversized 17" x 11" format with approximately thirty pages handsomely bound in an engraved leather cover. 

sample scrapbook page
sample scrapbook page
sample scrapbook page
sample scrapbook page


House History Chronicle

This premium offering provides the most extensive level of research and weaves the results into a comprehensive and compelling narrative about the residence,  its residents and the local neighbourhood.


The 10" X 10" hardcover book contains approximately thirty pages illustrated with historical documents and photographs from past and present and its cover features a an original drawing of your home by a Toronto artist. 

sample Chronicle pages 18-19
sample Chronicle pages
sample Chronicle pages
sample Chronicle pages 34-35


PDF icon

A digital research report is included with the Scrapbook and Chronicle but can be purchased on its own for those who just want the facts.  It features the Scrapbook's one-page synopsis of the early history of the house and neighbourhood, the brief profiles of the original owner and occupants, and the comprehensive summary of land ownership dating from the colonial era to present day. Also included are digital copies of the historical documents used to create these overviews such as provincial land registry records, municipal tax assessment rolls, city directories, property maps, subdivision plans, federal censuses, newspaper clippings, building permits and historical photographs.

sample ownership history
Goad's atlas sample
sample census page
sampel assessment roll page
sample deed
building permit


Does community pride run deep on your street? Pool resources with your neighbours to commission a block history and take advantage of the savings resulting from researching multiple adjacent properties at once. Available in Booklet, Chronicle or Report format. Each participating neighbour receives their own copy of the printed products and you can opt for an additional copy to donate to your neighbourhood library's Local History section.

block history mockup
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