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Hogtown Histories - 290 Sherbourne Street Chronicle





$600 (Toronto only)





Booklet prices are fixed. Other product prices are based on a typical profile of a Toronto home built prior to 1950. Prices may be higher for properties in municipalities with limited online access to archives, houses that are more than a century old, or homes blessed with a rare abundance of historical records. Custom requests for information outside of the typical scope such as a review of architectural details or a more extensive neighborhood history will also require additional research time. This unique nature of our products is why we offer a complimentary consultation for every client. By asking a few basic questions we'll be able to provide you with a specific price for your particular property.  We'll also let you know the anticipated turnaround time for the project. 

Block Histories: The efficiencies provided by researching multiple adjacent properties at once allow us to pass on savings of 10% to 20% on the one-off prices for the Booklet, Chronicle and Report. The more properties that are profiled, the greater the savings for each property owner. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to learn more.



Disbursements are additional for all products. These are service fees charged by government agencies to access or reproduce certain types of records.  They will be billed at cost and do not typically exceed $75 for the Booklet or $150 for the other products.

Expenses (Properties Outside of GTA)

We're able to service clients throughout Ontario thanks to the online availability of related federal and provincial records and numerous commercial databases. However, some county archives and municipal governments require in-person research to access records specific to a local area. In such cases, clients will be provided an estimate of travel costs and can choose whether or not to incur them.    


Shipping costs for the Booklet are included in the standard price. Shipping costs for the Scrapbook and Chronicle will be provided during the initial consultation.


All prices exclude HST.

Additional Copies

Our printed product costs are determined primarily by the extensive time required for research, writing and layout. The actual printing and binding process is only a small portion of the cost which means that additional copies can be provided for a modest charge.

Print Upgrades

Clients seeking an especially impressive end product can request custom publishing upgrades such as leather binding, slip cover or cutout book cover.


If ordering the Booklet as a gift for someone else ask for a complimentary personalized coupon that provides the recipient with $200 off any of our other products. Similarly, clients who purchase the stand-alone Report will receive a $800 discount on the price of the Scrapbook or Chronicle if they later opt to upgrade to these publications.


We welcome enquiries regarding commercial property histories and offer the same pricing as for residential profiles.

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